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Welcome to Urban Sketchers Membership

"Come join us in showing the world one drawing at a time."

Urban Sketchers (USk) is a global community of sketchers that practice drawing on location in the cities, towns and villages where they live and travel.

An USk Chapter is an official group that follows the USk manifesto and helps promote the USk mission in their community. USk Chapters are led by chapter administrators. The administrators organize sketching activities, educational events and provide leadership to the global community of sketchers. Before applying for official membership please make sure:

  1. The group has been sketching together and posting their sketches on-line regularly for more than 6 months.
  2. The group has one primary administrator and two secondary administrators.
  3. The primary administrator has contacted the nearest official chapter or an USk Regional Leader.
  4. The group is not affiliated with a private or personal business enterprise.

If you have met the above criteria and are ready to become an official chapter or have any questions please contact us at